The Partridge, Bromley


We recently visited The Partridge as part of a group and we all agreed that we had such a consistently good experience there that we should share it with you.

It’s not only a friendly pub but it’s a dog friendly pub and on the occasions I’ve taken my dog in there I’ve always been asked if I’d like some water for him. I’ve taken him in at lunch time several times and we’ve sat in the dining area with him as we ate. Had other diners been uncomfortable with a dog in that area we would have had to move to the main bar or outside on the patio but we would have been happy to do this.

Over a series of visits I think we’ve tried every pie on the menu between us and the fish and chips several times.

It’s hard to describe the pies without using the words delicious, gorgeous, very nice and beautiful. The vegetables and mash are always cooked well and the gravy and liquor are very tasty. The fish and chips are wonderful – the batter is crisp and golden with a beautiful white,  moist cod inside, the accompanying chips are crisp and perfectly cooked.


On our most recent visit most of my companions ordered the Posh Star Gazy pie with chips and we were all delighted when it arrived! As you can see it’s quite a conversation stopper!

The customer service in The Partridge is excellent. One of our party was celebrating her birthday and we asked Mark, the manager, at very short notice, if there was any chance we could have a birthday cake and he sent one of his staff round to Sainsbury’s to buy one. That’s customer service above and beyond the call of duty!

As a woman I’ve found going into the Partridge alone a very positive experience. It has a warm atmosphere and it feels very safe. You don’t get bothered by people and I always feel quite content as I wait for friends to arrive.

You can check out The Partridge on their website or follow them on Twitter.

The staff and management were unaware of who we were when we had lunch at The Partridge and we received no special service, discounts, free food or free drinks.