Ed’s Easy Diner, The Glades Terrace

The place we intended to go to for dinner last night was packed out and we decided to look at the menu outside Ed’s Easy Diner (@Eds_diner) and we both agreed immediately that it was our kind of place.

The look is how you imagine the typical 50s American diner down to the tiny jukeboxes on the table (all the proceeds from these go to Action Against Hunger). There are no waitresses on roller skates whizzing around outside though!

We sat by the open window and did some people watching while we read the menus and decided what we wanted. I ordered the Classic burger which comes with a generous topping of fried onions and my companion ordered the Original burger which came with all the trimmings inside including pickles. Both were inside a brioche bun.

We didn’t go for the “Ed’s Plate which includes fries, onion rings and (cole)slaw but we did add on a portion of fries each. They’re not the matchstick thin fries you expect but lovely chunky chips that arrive piping hot.

There’s a decent range of condiments to season your beautifully cooked food and if what you want isn’t on the table then the servers is more than happy to find you some.

The soft drinks are £2.95 but they’re bottomless and it was so warm last night we made the most of them and the ice made them cold and cooling.

we really enjoyed the music from the jukeboxes and it made for a relaxed atmosphere. There were families and young people there as well as us older ones so it attracts a nice mix!

The staff don’t hover but they’re there if you need attention and we both appreciated that.

Two burgers with fries and bottomless drinks came to £24.00 which we felt was good value for money.

We didn’t go in with the intention of writing a review but we felt that it was a good experience for us and we wanted to share it. Our overall opinion? Go and try it, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed and we’re definitely going back!

The staff of Ed’s Easy Diner were unaware of who we were, we received no special treatment, discounts or freebies as we were not asked to write this review. The review is how we found our experience, yours may differ.