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Margot Rohan The Orpington Community website was started in July 2011 by Margot Rohan who wanted to provide information about the area. She’s an Orpington girl who’s been living in Green Street Green since 1979 and it’s that she has a pride in the area in which she lives.

There’s a number of interesting things about Orpington on the site – Eleanor Marx Aveling, who’s father was Karl Marx lived there as did David Nobbs who is best known for his writing on the comedy show The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin. You can also read about the famous Orpington black chicken and the Orpington car!

The events page carries details of a wide range of events over a wide area – everything from flying lessons to a pop choir!

Orpington Community

A local information page has a wealth of information via various links to local websites etc. It’s all there waiting for the click of a mouse!

Margot told me that there is no financial gain to the website she does it purely from community spirit and it’s there to inform residents. She encourages people to come forward with the kind of information that they’d like to see on there and would like to see more people get involved with the maintenance of the site! Any takers contact her here.

Tweet up“Tweet-ups” are held every three to four months in the Greenwood Community Centre in Green Street Green and the next one is July 11th. The meetings promote local events and also good internet safety and there are speakers. Sounds pretty good when it’s all free! More information can be found on this page. You can book for this tweet up on Eventbrite.

Margot is also secretary of the Green Street Green Society and the Police Ward Panel and also is a Save Orpington Priory Campaigner. She keenly promotes democracy and encourages local residents to voice their concerns.

Orpington Priory

There is a wealth of information on the website and it is supplemented by a Twitter account and a Facebook page.


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