Community Group of the Week – Bromley Common Allotment Garden Association (BCA)

bromley-common-allotment-logoBromley Common Allotment Garden Association (BCA) run two allotment sites in Bromley – Turpington Lane (formerly known as Grub Meadow) and Holy Trinity.

They are a friendly people whose history as a group of growers dates back to 1942 though the Turpington Lane site has been allotments since 1926.

Sarah Pearce, who took on her allotment in 2011, says that Tuprington Lane has some of the best facilities in Bromley including toilets and mains water – quite a luxury apparently! They have a Sunday Trading Store so people in the local community can buy garden products each week.

All allotment sites in Bromley are self managed which means that all the BCA plot holders get together regularly through the year for working parties. With the help of a dedicated site manager the general maintenance of the allotments and the upkeep of the sites are managed that way.

The plot holders of BCA recognise that allotments are much needed green space but that they also nurture friendships, aid mental and physical health and provide some of the cement that is needed for the community as a whole.

BCA have a wide range of plot holders – families with young children, older people and novices and they grow an equally wide range of fruit and vegetables. As well as the normal range of fruit and veg you would expect there are grape vines and kiwi fruit growing on the allotments and water melons were produced last year!


“It’s a wonderful experience to grow food and see wildlife even if the British weather is a bit of a challenge at times!”

The original hutIt’s the 90th anniversary of the allotments next year and during that time they’ve seen the community through WWII and rationing yet they are now under threat so as well as celebrating the plot holders will are also campaigning to save this much needed green space.

Currently there is a waiting list at Turpington Lane but there are vacancies at the Holy Trinity site. You can find BCA on Twitter as @DigTurpington as well as on their own website.

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