Would you like to be the voice of Life in Bromley for a week?!

Why are you letting people take over Life in Bromley for a week?

We think it’s a great idea to have a curated account and to let people share their lives!

So what is a curated account?

Quite simply it’s an account that can be shared between lots of people so that they can give their unique view on the place where they live and/or work.

The first curated account was @Sweden which was launched in December 2011 and it’s still going strong. They are all over the world and people really enjoy taking part in them.

If you want to see what a curated account looks like when it’s in action then click on some of these names! PeopleOfUk  Sweden  Cheltenham

Will I have to tweet all day if I decide to do a week?

Not at all – we quite understand that people have commitments that have to come first! It’s what you tweet that’s important not what time of the day it is!

What can I tweet about?

Tweet about your day, post some photos, tell us who you meet and just generally what goes on in your daily life!

Is there anything I shouldn’t be tweeting about?

Politics are a definite no! Strong opinions divide communities and we like to think we unite ours a little at least!

There shouldn’t be any hate tweets or swearing. We all swear a little at times but kids can see the timeline and we’re a family friendly account!

If you’re a business account then please don’t just use your week to promote your business. The odd cheeky plug is great but people want to know about YOU not what you do for a living!

Are there any tips you can give me?

There’s a few good ones –

  • don’t respond to hate tweets, tell us and we’ll deal with them appropriately;
  • if someone disagrees with you then accept it and move on, if you feel uncomfortable with what they’re saying then tell us so we can deal with them;
  • share photos, tell us where you’re going and what you’re doing;
  • if you feel you can’t complete your week then just let us know, it’s not compulsory;
  • this is a community account and anything you tweet about reflects upon the Bromley community – keep it safe and friendly for all!

Anything else I should know?

We’ll put your Twitter handle on the account bio so people know who you are and if they’d like to keep up with your tweets then they can follow you after your week has finished!


Fill in this form if you’d like to share your Life in Bromley and we’ll get back to you soon!

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