What is Charity of the Week?

The idea behind Life in Bromley was to showcase the community as a whole and one of the most important parts of any community are the wonderful charities and good works.

We have decided to feature a charity that is based in or do most of their work in the BR postcode each week and the obvious day of the week is, as it is known on Twitter, #CharityTuesday.

We have have a couple of charities in mind to feature already and are working on articles for them – the first post will appear next week!

We’ll share the piece that we’ve written about them and, throughout the week that they’re the featured charity, we will retweet their tweets (if they are on Twitter) and ask the wonderful Bromley community to support them!

If you’d like to nominate a charity for Charity of the Week then please tweet us. If you’re a charity and you’d like to be featured then tweet us! If someone is doing something really good within the community and it benefits other people then we want to hear about it so you don’t have to be a registered charity to be featured!

We never charge a charity, community group or person whose good works are being highlighted – that would be mean and not community minded!

Every Tuesday is #CharityTuesday for Life in Bromley so spread the word please!!

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