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Phil PriceHearing about what Phil Price was aiming to do really knocked us off our feet here at Life in Bromley and since we first featured him I’ve spoken to him several times. The initial enthusiasm and dedication to both his training and the Maypole Project has not diminished in the slightest.

Since we last spoke Phil had been upping his training and distance in preparation for a 100 mile run. He told me that training was really good (though there had been a slight concern with his shin) and coupled with a great quiz night that raised £1,500 towards his £25,00 target everything was very positive.

Endurance runs aren’t continuous and this was something I didn’t know until I met Phil. There are regular stopping points for water and snacks and the participants spend time walking as well as running particularly when going uphill. This all makes a lot of sense when it’s explained to you!

The first 50k of the run (which happened on 28th May) was uneventful but then around the 70k mark the small niggle in his shin began to become a problem. He kept on running as he was meeting his physiotherapist (Tim) at the 80k mark but by the time he had reached the 78k mark he was hobbling. He told me that at this point he wasn’t just suffering physically but his focus had waned and he was struggling mentally with the challenge. He decided not to continue with the 100 mile target and call it a day at 100k.

This quote from his website shows how hard he found the run –

” I told Tim that I was calling the 100 miles that my head had gone, but I was going to finish the 100k at the point I actually voiced this out loud, I could of cried I thought about all those people who had wished me luck, supported me all this way and I was giving up Tim who had come straight from work to support me and I was giving up this was a new feeling I had never done this. Tim looked at me and then said quite simply not to worry, this was a training run the very fact that a 100k run was a training run for me was astonishing, whilst all the other people around me were using this as their actual goal, their dream. I was using it for training there was no expectation of me and I had not let anyone down. With this I got up and after taking a picture was on my way. Seeing Tim had spurred me on and the shouts of encouragement were still ringing in my ears when I encountered the latest hill.”

Phil is currently injured and his training is restricted to swimming and light strengthening conditioning so he’s currently concentrating on fundraising and learning more about where his strengths lie in order to be able to complete the run – the equivalent of SEVEN marathons over a couple of days isn’t a small aspiration! Getting publicity and raising funds is as hard work as training and this is where he needs your support. He is doing all this to support the Maypole Project and to raise awareness of their work in the wider community. Any amount, no matter how small, will be gratefully received and details of how to give are on his website!

Please follow Phil and his progress on Twitter – the more followers he has, the higher profile the Maypole Project has! His mammoth task begins at the crack of dawn in Cirencester on the 16th of September so if you feel like cheering him on at the start then don’t let us stop you!

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