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Phil PriceI spoke to Phil Price recently to talk about the 184 miles in 48 hours run he’s doing in September next year. It was quite clear right from the start he’s enthusiastic about running and throws himself into his job at the Maypole Project wholeheartedly.

Phil is a determined person and speaks at a rate of knots which proves how excited he is about doing the run. He is very realistic about the mental and physical strain it will have on him and yet he is still doing it!

He is running 35 to 40 miles a week as part of his training and will be running 50 miles on a treadmill at Kingston University in January as part of a study – that’s around 8 hours of running! I felt tired just talking to him!

The run he’s doing next year to raise funds for the Maypole Project is very much at the planning stage but he expects to largely go with the flow and, if his plan to run the first 100 miles in the first 24 hours, he feels that he’s likely to succeed. There will be breaks for food but they won’t be long breaks as once he starts the run he wants to keep on going.

“The run will take over my life.”

Phil says that the best reason for running long distances is for the adventure and being in a completely different place with a different view and different environment. He says it challenges him both physically and mentally but most of all he just loves doing it.

The worst things about running, he tells me, are the injuries and the pain and the time he loses with his family and friends.

On being asked what he does if he starts to question why he’s doing the run then he says he just looks to his job as Fundraising Officer for the Maypole Project. He became a volunteer at the Project six years ago and after spending just one afternoon with the children who have complex medical needs or disabilities he knew that the Project needed as much support as possible and went to work for them!

In the past six years he has trekked up Kilimanjaro, ran several half marathons, marathons and ultra marathons. He has witnessed how the power of running can change lives for them better as the money he raises can give families opportunities that they may not normally get.

To follow Phil’s progress he’s on Twitter as @papricey33 and has a blog which he is updating regularly. Please follow his progress through the year via his website and if you can sponsor him then please do so here!

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