Charity of the Week – The Breast of Bromley


There are around 50,000 cases of breast cancer in women diagnosed each year and on top of that about 350 men also receive a diagnosis. Currently more women and men are surviving breast cancer but more are being diagnosed than ever before and, thanks to local charities such as The Breast of Bromley, that the hope that all breast cancer can be diagnosed and cured is becoming more of a reality.

In their own words, the Breast of Bromley is, “a fabulous, regional volunteer group” and since it was started by the passionate Debbie Lock it has raised in excess of £70,000!

Churchill BOB

Debbie ran a marathon way back in 2011 and has since trekked in Tanzania to raise funds for The Breast of Bromley. Two new members of the team are doing the London to Brighton cycle run this year. Not all of their fundraising activities are quite so strenuous though so take heart if you’d like to take part in any of them!


One volunteer goes into the chemotherapy ward at South Darent Hospital to do simple things like painting somebody’s nails because boosts to physical appearance can boost mood and resilience.

Chislehurst Golf Club has adopted the Breast of Bromley as their charity of the year and are provided much needed funds and thus providing support and hope to women and men who have breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Now are the national charity that Breast of Bromley raises funds for but, because of their volunteer work in Bromley and Kent, they have the attitude of a local charity and focus on their local community.

The next big fundraiser is the Pink Party which is held at The Warren in Hayes on May 21st. Tickets are £45 each and it’s the must go to party of the year! If you can’t make it then perhaps you can sponsor a prize? £20 will provide a prize to go into a balloon to be popped on the night – can you donate a gift or service, e.g. a haircut, car valet, lunch for two, afternoon tea or even an ironing session or some home cleaning?


The Breast of Bromley can be contacted via their website, Twitter account or Facebook page so why not check them out and, at the same time, check your breasts!

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