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Free cakes logoFree Cakes for Kids is a charity that is based on a simple idea: baking cakes for families who find it difficult to provide a birthday cake for their child. The cakes are baked by volunteers who donate their skills and time and also the ingredients for the cakes and bake them at home. In the past seven years it has grown to nearly 60 groups and has many volunteers across the country.


Free Cakes For Kids in Bromley is always looking for volunteers to bake a cake for a child in the area. The process is simple – apply to be a baker then when a referral comes in everybody gets the details in an email. You don’t have to promise to bake huge amounts of cakes and it’s not about being an expert it’s about baking something special for a child who would otherwise go without a cake to mark their birthday.

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Being able to give a child a special cake for their birthday lessens, in a small but much needed way, the divide between the those who have and those who have not. Having a cake made especially for you makes you feel special and appreciated. It’s easy to request a cake for a  child who may have little joy in their life and the bonus is that you feel good too.

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A recent project has seen the network of bakers providing 360 cupcakes a day for five days for Bromley Children Project. That’s 1,800 cup cakes in less than a week! I can’t imagine just how that was done but where there’s a will there’s obviously a way!

“Sometimes it’s the only gift that people get. We are privileged to be part of that.”

If you can donate some ingredients such as sugar, flour and other non perishable items then please tweet them. If you’re a business who is looking to support a charity then there can’t be another one that’s so feel good!

You can find Free Cakes For Kids Bromley on Twitter, Facebook and on their own website. The national website has a map where you can find the other groups across the UK.

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