Charity of the Week – what helps us showcase you!

The heron on the pondTo write the best piece we possibly can about your charity, community group or that passionate person in your community you want to shout about we need to know certain things.

First we have to remember that not everybody has internet access – somebody may see a post that would benefit somebody who can’t get on the internet so we have to have as many ways as possible that people can contact you.

If you have a website, Twitter account or Facebook page then we can put links to all of those in the articles we write and we also like to be able to offer people a phone number too. For some people it’s much easier to talk to someone when they’re making initial contact so we like to keep that in mind.

We’d rather not link to private groups on Facebook or on other sites. If we do not know the content or how the groups and websites work then we can’t be sure that we’re directing people to places that may make them feel worse – triggers can happen over the most simple things.

We’d like a copy of your logo to use and a photo that doesn’t infringe anybody’s privacy is good too – photos really add life to our pieces and people can see the good that your group or charity does!

Quotes from people who use charities or attend groups are also great – we love to hear success stories and share them with others!

If you have meetings then please let us know when and where they are. If they’re in private homes then please supply a contact phone number so that people can find out where they are. Let us know how your meetings and groups work – the more we can tell people the better, we want to shout out about you as loud as we can!


If you’d like to be featured on Life in Bromley then tweet us @lifeinbromley or email us – we looking forward to hearing from you!

We feature groups based in the BR post code area or who benefit those people who are resident there – we like to keep things local!